Types of valves in everyday lives!

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Do you notice the valves we come across in everyday life?

New inventions in technologies have made our daily lives more comfortable and luxurious. Right from the shower in our house to the big pipelines in the industries, the developments in technology have made it easier to flow all resources right at our doorstep.

But have you ever wondered what regulates the flow of resources? You just have to close the knob of a tap to stop the water from flowing. But what works behind the screen to make it stop?
It’s the valves.

Valves play a significant role in our lives than we think. From the taps, ACs in your house to pipelines and big machinery used in the industries, valves are everywhere.

Fluidtecq is a privately owned firm that engages in the manufacturing and exporting of a variety of valves and automatic actuators. Their precision in automation and instrumentation of pneumatic products is serving numerous industrial machinery applications in diverse industries.

What are Valves?
Valves are mechanical equipment used to control the flow of fluids and gases in pipelines, machines, and sophisticated automated systems. They perform the functions of reducing or increasing the flow, starting or stopping the flow, controlling the direction of flow, and relieving certain pressure in pipelines. Valves can be either operated manually or by a pedal, wheel, etc. Different valves perform differently to suit the needs of the machines and industries.

Valves Automation:
Valves that don’t need to be operated manually are known as automated valves. These valves are operated based on pneumatics, hydraulics, electrically, or combining all of these. Fluidtecq specializes in providing automated valves that help in the smooth
working of the applications.

Why are valves necessary?
Valves can be seen in nearly every industrial process to regulate the flow of gases, liquids, and slurries in the pipelines and heavy machinery. We have come across many chemical or gas leakage cases in the factories, leading to colossal damage to life and property in that area. One small flaw in the valve can lead to catastrophe for the industry and lead to heavy loss and damage of property and people.

Hence, well-built and tough valves are necessary for the smooth & safe functioning of the machines. With the state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class designing facilities, Fluidtecq manufactures
high capacity and long-lasting valves and automated valves to suit the clients’ requirements.

Types of Valves:
There are different types of valves according to varying types of applications and machines that perform various functions. Some of them are as follows:

1)Gate Valves:
Gate valves are used to regulate the flow of liquids that flow through the pipelines. Starting and stopping the flow of any fluids is done by affixing the valves to the pipelines. Gate valves can be generally found in houses and commercial centres. They help in saving energy and thus reducing the total cost of the industries. They are very suitable for high temperatures and high-pressure conditions.
Fluidtecq’s Knife edge Gate Valves and Pneumatic Knife Gate Valves are designed in such a way that assures non-clogging shutoff on the suspended solids. Thus, they can be used for slurry lines, handling the sludge and viscous media, dry solid and powder, etc. Knife Edge Gate valves can be used in industries like Paper Power Plants, Chemical
Plants, Steel Plants, etc.

2) Solenoid Valves:
Solenoid Valves are controlled electrically. They can be used for clean liquids and gases. They are used to open, close, distribute, or mix media within two or more inlets or outlets. Control flow applications required electronically operated valves to start or stop the flow and control the fluids in the system. These valves can be commonly found in heating systems, vacuums, compressed air, car washes, etc.

Fluidtecq provides you with highly flexible modular designs with diverse choice materials to suit your industry needs. We manufacture high-quality Solenoid valves that are highly reliable and
last for ages.

3)Iris Valves:
Iris valves are used in controlling the discharge of free-flowing and dry materials in gravity flow applications. They are usually located on bulk-bag discharge stations, portable and fixed bin bottoms and chutes. Iris Valves are explicitly built to manage and regulate bulky solids, nonabrasive powders, granular, and pellets.

Fluidtecq Iris valves are durable and ideal for unloading bulk bags. Due to its fabric sleeves, these prevent any degradation of the materials.
These Valves help you meet your production objectives with ease by lowering your labor and equipment costs.

4)Butterfly Valves:
Due to the high accuracy of butterfly valves, they are very beneficial to industrial applications. They are widely used across industries due to their cost-effectiveness. One can find Butterfly Valves in various industries like wastewater treatment, water supply, protection and gas supply, pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, food industries, etc.

Fluidtecq Butterfly Valves are manufactured with accuracy and according to the client’s specific requirements. They are highly reliable and require little maintenance.

Choose Fluidtecq’s high quality valves and abstain any kind of leakages or hazards.

Get your Valves today!

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