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Actuator Butterfly Valves

Butterflys Valves

Actuator Butterfly Valves

Actuator Butterfly Valves offered find application in meeting up with the mechanical application needs in different industry sectors. These are best applied in areas requiring regulated flow of fluids using a series of pipes. Other than this, the valves are also used in larger lines in form of front as well as rear suctions as well as in fire apparatus based applications. Here, our expertise lies in making available in different dimensions and specifications including in customized finish options as demanded from us.


  • Developed using advanced technology support to provide for superior performance and long functional life
  • Finding application in industry sectors like Petrochemical,  Gas, Fertilizer Plants, Chemicals, Refineries, Power Generation Plants and others
  • Can also be customized in specifications as demanded by the customers
actuator-butterfly-valves actuator-butterfly-valves actuator-butterfly valves

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